Meet Al Wickheim

My background had me growing up in the area – schooled in Colwood but raised in Sooke at my fathers’ boatyard. Then 40 some years as a Paramedic with BC Ambulance and now industry, delivering care to folks from Victoria to Masset, Dallas, Texas to Thule, Greenland and many points between. For the past 12 years I served as Community Coordinator for the JdF Emergency Program for Otter Point, and Chaired the JdF Advisory Planning Commission for two of my 3 terms there. I have served with the Sooke and Otter Point Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as an Emergency Response Unit Technician with the International Red Cross, spending time in Nepal. Currently I run my own medical device business focussed on infection control. I’ve had local tree topping and land clearing businesses, fished commercially, run almost all aspects of the boatyard, operated a small scale resort and wilderness adventure company. I also worked as a coroner in Victoria for a period after retiring from B.C. Ambulance.

My wife and I have raised our family on our small farm in Otter Point for the past 25 years, are conscientious land stewards, and mindful of every individuals’ opportunities and responsibilities in the broader global community. I am a supporter of our rural lifestyle and promoter of local, low environmental-impact businesses. I value fish in streams over fish in farm nets, housing that enhances land use, not overwhelms it for large scale developers, highway safety rather than race-track freeways and recognize the importance of improved cellular coverage in many areas of the Juan de Fuca. I enjoy our farm, you probably enjoy your land, view and country living…let’s work to help maintain this paradise we have. Our communities and values are not for sale. Now at 63, the time is here for me to step up to a new calling – Mike having set a new, higher bar to meet.

I envision that my job as Regional Director is to act on your behalf, make your lives and communities better and safer – be your ‘point’ man. I’m a practical guy and open to all reasonable discussion and ideas. I won’t promise that I’ll fix everything but I will work hard to serve the individuals, neighbourhoods and each community of the Juan de Fuca with fair and honest representation. I will be reliable, dependable and accessible in service to you. As much as I appreciate your vote, I appreciate that you do vote even more! 
Thank you,

Al Wickheim
Candidate for CRD Regional Director
Juan de Fuca